According to a recent report, more than 4.5 billion people globally have access to a mobile phone and it is estimated that around nine out of ten carry the device with them at all times.

It is clear to see then, why mobile marketing and app development is rapidly becoming one of the most effective ways to reach consumers, particularly as more and more use smartphones to access the internet. However, mobile marketing does not simply involve ensuring you offer a mobile-friendly version of your website – though this should be a key priority for businesses – and an effective campaign may centre around the delivery of messages through SMS or MMS.

The very nature of a mobile device indicates the person carrying it is prepared to be contacted, meaning the user is likely to be far more receptive to messages than more traditional methods of reaching them. Smartphone owners are now becoming accustomed to using apps for everything they require, and will often feel more comfortable doing business with a company offering such technology.

Ebbitt-Media will develop the ideal app for your organisation, comprising booking systems or order placement where necessary, to ensure you do not miss out on the ever-expanding mobile market.


We customise your app layout so that it portrays your needs and brand. Custom fonts, colours and icons give your app its own unique look and feel.


Your app will support multiple languages as standard. Allow your users to select a language on start-up, or we can place your language selector in the side-bar menu to let users switch between languages when using the app.


Choose exactly who sees what content where and when. Use the platform’s in-built visibility rules to hide / trigger content and to schedule content visibility by time or date.


Offering smooth transitions and fast performance across Android and iOS devices and platforms, Native is the perfect technology for your app.


Use GPS locations or physical beacon devices to trigger automated push notifications to app users when they are nearby. Or manually send push notifications to devices, wherever they are.


Learn more about your users and how they interact with your app via the Ebbitt-Media app analytics. These are web-based and can be linked to your existing Google Analytics account.


Native supports GPS location services and Bluetooth BLE beacon technology so that you can deliver content based on the app users exact location in time and space.


Your app will work with or without connectivity. Content can be wrapped up in the app to work offline, or can be downloaded via Wifi/3G/4G on the go.


Once your app is ready we will submit it to to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. We also support Enterprise Apps for businesses who want to deliver a private app.
image of app homescreen on iPhone

Beautiful designs for smooth running native apps

Our apps support beautiful design with easily customisable fonts, colours and layouts. We publish your app in the latest Native code to ensure smooth running across multiple Android and iOS devices.

Augmented reality trails, 360 panoramas and more...

Our apps also support interactive digital content so you can bring your app to life and engage users of all ages. Augmented reality treasure hunts, 360 panorama photos and videos, points of interest photos and images, before/after images, audio & video – we can add them all to enhance the end user’s experience of your app.

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