As you’d expect from a company with such an extensive experience in top-quality design, all of the websites we produce are of the highest visual standards.

However, it is important to remember that functionality and performance are every bit as important, with search engine optimisation (SEO) vital in order to guarantee traffic reaches your site.

The biggest issue most companies have is that their web design and SEO – if it is even a consideration – are handled by disparate teams or separate agencies.

Uniting these two disciplines and producing a website that looks great and has a high search engine ranking performance can have a significant positive impact on a business, boosting the number of visitors, encouraging them to spend longer on the site and improving sales performance

At Ebbitt-Media, our SEO and design teams work in collaboration at all times and have a full appreciation of each others’ needs, while also keeping your business’ particular requests and requirements in mind at all times.


Of course, achieving the highest possible search engine ranking for a range of terms related to your industry requires more than simply running a well-designed, optimised website.

Google in particular is constantly changing its algorithms and our SEO experts pride themselves on leading the way in terms of best practice and rapid response to these changes.


There are many other services that can help to boost your SEO, including social media and mobile marketing.

Both Google and the World Wide Web Consortium agree that designers should now focus on a mobile-first responsive approach, with the need to strike a balance between design and functionality a key priority.


This doesn’t, however, mean that you should compromise on the visual elements. Get in touch today and we’ll discuss how your business can benefit from a new or revamped site designed to the highest standard that is fully compliant with the latest SEO best practices.

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